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  1. Judy

    Are you really done writing this book? And back in your sculptural tree-house flat? I woke up this morning wondering how the writing worked out; I’m now 10 blocks off Venice beach and struggling with my own projects from here until September. Best with it, Judy

  2. Charles Turner

    I really enjoyed your article on Eno & Schmidt on Rhizome & will look for your book. I knew very little about Peter Schmidt – especially glad to have some information about him.

  3. Jack D. Fleischer

    Hi Geeta, I wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed your treatment of “Another Green World” in the 33 1/3 series. It came at a time when I was thinking hard about the actual nuts and bolts of creativity in the wake of an aborted MFA track in film directing. (The goal wasn’t aborted, just the degree and the programming) I found the book to be very thoughtful and inspiring. I’ve been a huge fan of Eno and especially that record for years, but never thought too hard about it, other than how much it gave me a sense of child like wonder, even bliss. I know you mentioned how in the beginning you found it to be a challenge, but I think your treatment is wed so nicely to the material, it sort of speaks in and of itself to staying a course as Eno would with this very album. Very cool!

    It got me thinking too, as I kind of evaporated out of a college film scene at California Institute of the Arts and tried to find my own muse in film-making. In some ways I’ve been on a long-term oblique strategy for finally wedding myself to the medium, and it’s a story I’d have to tell over a longer conversation. All things seem to dovetail and bend through sound for me, regardless of where I wind up, and thus I’ve spent a lot of time writing about music in a loose shambolic style for friends on a small blog, mostly grouping ideas and impressions into loose poetic verse to try to reflect a personal experience. In the more recent past I began doing liner notes for friends who reissue records. I’m currently looking to expand in this area (other kinds of press, articles, stories), as I’m realizing how much it brings me joy. If you have any advice on making inroads in that way I’d love to hear it. I don’t usually reach out in this way, but as I read the book so recently, and then stumbled on your website this morning rather randomly while researching “Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat” I figured it was providence and I’d say hello.

    With kind regards, Jack

  4. Blaine Todd

    Hi Geeta,

    I’ve been in touch with Wire for a reviewer for the upcoming Other Minds festival at the SFJAZZ Center, March 6-8. They suggested you. I think they said they’d get in touch with you. I just wanted to introduce myself and find out if you have any interest, if we can reserve a seat for you, and ask if you have any questions or want to get in touch with any of the artists. All the event info can by found at

    Oddly, I was hanging out with a couple friends last night, Andrew Weathers and Ryan Jobes, and we were discussing the Dreyblatt concert at the Lab. It was brought up that you’re doing the booking there and had written an Eno book. Weird cause I was just talking to Dena about booking a show, also cause I got an email from Frances at Wire about you this morning, and cause OM was trying to book Dreyblatt late last year. Just a lot of serendipity going on. Aaaaannnnyyway, get in touch if you feel any connection to any of this.

    All the best,

  5. Wayne

    Hello Ms. Dayal,
    I am the curator of the Exploratorium’s Resonance series.
    I am wondering if you might be interested in being our host on the June 11th ‘Colleen’ show. Our regular host, Sarah Cahill, is not going to be available. Sam and Kathleen from Cinema Arts recommended you.
    They said your interview with Julia Holter & Linda Perhacs was great.

    The program starts at 7pm, usually with a 30 minute talk followed by a performance. We can pay you the regular host fee of $500.

    Please let me know if you might be interested and or want to talk about it.

    Thanks Very Much,

  6. Moizza

    Hi there, Geeta.
    I’m so happy to have come across your work (while watching a documentary on Eno, I googled you) and to become a patron. I’m a South Asian American lady music fan too. It’s great to see someone like me accomplishing things in such a notoriously white-male-dominated field. Moreover, a lot of your recent work speaks to my current musical interests: as an amateur DJ for the Chicago Independent Radio Project, I was obsessed with Patrick Cowley’s Dark Entries reissue; we’re co-hosting a Classic Album Sundays listening party for Journey in Satchidananda next week; and I loved your recent pieces on my beloved Mark E. Smith.

    We have a ‘Women of CHIRP’ working group that has been trying to encourage female participation in different aspects of the music industry and media. If you’re ever in Chicago, would you be interested in guesting on our podcast or giving a talk? Also, I’m facilitating a book club discussion of Jessica Hopper’s The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic and I’d love to get your insights (on Hopper, on other writers coming up, and on being a writer yourself). Please feel free to keep in touch as time permits.

    Best wishes


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