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Trudged through the rain for an amazing -- almost revelatory -- meal of South Indian food tonight with a friend and it made me wish that I heard more music that sounds the way really great South Indian food tastes. It's my favorite type of Indian food; I don't dig the heavier, gloopier Northern-style curries and the like (what people normally associate with Indian food) unless it's really well-prepared--you can hide a lot of mistakes in cream sauce, after all. I don't like cream sauce much; I'm more one of those people who puts hot sauce on everything (great on popcorn, even me, it's good!) Southern Indian is all exceedingly spicy, feather-light, piquant flavors that vary by the bite -- tart and lemony one minute, peppery and tomatoey the next. Whole green hot-as-hell peppers scattered every which way, daring you to eat them. (I did.) Fluffy and horrifically spicy little 'pancakes' flecked with coconut and bits of fresh cilantro. Texturally very interesting -- fragile houses built of delicate papery crepes. Soft and lacy rice-flour pillows. Thin and slightly gritty lentil soups. Black mustard seeds that crackle on the tongue. They're not big on things that are sweet -- there are a few good South Indian desserts, but not many; the North pretty much owns in that category with its insane rice puddings and saffron-flavored ice creams and the like. But I'm not into things that are sweet, at least not now, and right now, dear reader, I want you to tell me about music you think I'd like. Based on what I just told you.

In other news, I've been working full-time and still freelancing on the side, so I haven't had as much time to post as usual. But larger posts are on the way!

Current favorites in my 5-CD changer:

Losoul: Getting Even
Brian Wilson: Smile
Wolf Eyes: Burned Mind
The Name of This Band is Talking Heads

I have yet to hear these Brazilian funk comps that everyone's psyched about (hint hint)
09.29.04 @ 02:40 AM EST [link]

You might be amused to know that Resonance FM in London premiered a documentary today called 'Where's Yr Blog At?', featuring interviews with the shadowy figures behind The Original Soundtrack, K-Punk, Heronbone, Blissblog, and Woebot. I think I already missed it (it aired at 8.30 pm London time), but I'll link to the archived internet stream at some point.

Way late to the party on this one, but Woebot's back! Awesome.
09.20.04 @ 06:07 PM EST [link]

My live review of The Ex, in the Village Voice.
09.14.04 @ 04:57 PM EST [link]

The Ex last night at the Knitting Factory: BEST. SHOW. EVER.

That is all.

09.12.04 @ 02:08 AM EST [link]

Totally fascinating in-depth interview with Lil Jon in the latest issue of Sister 2 Sister, which I read in its entirety while waiting in line at the grocery store today. It's packed with great little details, including but not limited to: how much Lil Jon spent on his diamond-encrusted teeth ($20,000); whether or not he kisses his six-year-old son each day (yes); why he almost didn't give Usher the beat for 'Yeah' (too long and convoluted of a story to explain.)

09.07.04 @ 09:14 PM EST [link]

Ralf und Florian, together forever

09.06.04 @ 11:57 AM EST [link]

can you guess what city this is? (part two)

in my kitchen making tea while listening to all these Vibracathedral Orchestra albums in a row (Jon Dale where you at, dude?) Then my brain slipped and I forgot that the kettle was boiling, because the hot trebly SSSSSS! of the kettle blended right on top of the bassy droney bwooow... woow....ow...owww....bwoww....of the music. I stood there meditatively for a moment, then stared at the tea bag in the hot water, astounded by the swirls of color coming out of the tea bag. I'm totally sober, but everything's...ah...a little weird. Bwoow...woow....ow!! My hand meets hot tea and music starts to splatter everywhere. Where am I, I wonder. Time to change the music, I think.

09.03.04 @ 05:45 PM EST [link]

can you guess what city this is?

first correct answer gets a cookie!

09.01.04 @ 03:45 PM EST [link]

do you see!!
Simon likes Metal Machine Music!

Simon likes Metal Machine Music!

God you don't know how happy this makes me.

09.01.04 @ 11:15 AM EST [link]

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