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I think I finally figured out that new (and totally weird) Fiery Furnaces record today. I've been listening to it a lot this week, under different circumstances. This evening I listened to it on headphones while wandering through downtown Brooklyn, Liefmans Frambozenbier in hand. I actually whistled along this time, which makes me think I've made more sense of it than I did previously. It's great!

07.30.04 @ 10:21 PM EST [link]

Dave Q., Proven by Science's correspondent from outer space/Western Canada, is back!

07.30.04 @ 04:30 PM EST [link]

Went to the CNN newsroom in New York for the first time today, and it was certainly...freaky. It reminded me of...Bladerunner crossed with Brazil, maybe. Video monitors everywhere, and people scurrying from wherever people scurry to wherever they scurry to. Made me wonder how bad the CNN headquarters in Atlanta must be. I went to the Viacom headquarters yesterday, and it was certainly a little more laid back, though not by much. When I got in the door I was greeted by six giant flat-panel LCD screens simultaneously broadcasting the video for "Lean Back." I couldn't help but crack up (I always crack up when I see that video). CNN could use to lean back a bit, I think. Lean back.

07.28.04 @ 07:27 PM EST [link]

There are few things I read with as much obvious relish as letters taking issue with my record reviews in The Wire. I just finally (finally!) got the July issue in the mail and there are two letters about me -- one dissing on my (controversial!) review of Sonic Youth's "Sonic Nurse" (the reader was upset about Penman's great Patti Smith review too, so I felt in good company), and the other to (nicely) correct some details in my Mission of Burma and OOIOO reviews. It shows me that people are reading -- something I sometimes forget when I file something, that people actually read this stuff -- and that they're actually taking the time to write something back. Which is awesome. Soon I will need a bodyguard to go to Tonic! (There's a DNA review by me in that issue, if you'd like to write in to express your dismay! It's in The Boomerang -- the reissues page.)
07.27.04 @ 06:49 PM EST [link]

Who ate all the pies? I'd known the song for a while, but the vid adds a whole new world of bizarritude. Seriously surreal stuff.

07.26.04 @ 08:45 PM EST [link]

Know where to go? That's right. Check out the Shakedown remix.

07.26.04 @ 03:33 PM EST [link]

diz vid.
Dizzee gets busy with the laydeez...

07.26.04 @ 12:23 PM EST [link]

monsoon weather.
Was listening to some random Jeff Mills mix on headphones the other day while walking through the 42nd St subway station, and I had this intense feeling that I was accelerating through the tunnels, zooming faster than everyone around me. One of the tunnels I was speeding through looked like the cover of Neu! 2: hot pink graffiti on white tile. I jumped on the 7, then the 6 up to 68th, then ran over to Central Park to see Devo play through an insane rainstorm. They play 'Gut Feeling' and 'Gates of Steel' back-to-back at double-speed, just like on Now It Can Be Told, my favorite Devo live disc from the '80s. Everyone in the audience seems extremely drunk. Mark Mothersbaugh's voice hasn't changed since 1978. They wheel out Booji Boy to sing 'Beautiful World' and I start envisioning that goddamned Target commercial where they kept in the "for you" and cut out the "not me" bit. Suddenly those red Target logos start jumping out of everything! Energy domes shooting them out like death rays!

07.25.04 @ 09:26 PM EST [link]

Andy Kellman's back in action with a new blog, ladies and gentlemen. And it's called Doubt Beat! Scritti Politti 4eva!

07.22.04 @ 02:16 AM EST [link]

Why do I love Tim Finney? Let me count the ways. . .

07.21.04 @ 09:11 PM EST [link]

da list.
The Good, Great, Amazing, and Wonderful Department:

Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound
Bush Taxi Mali: Field Recordings from Mali
Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk & Pop Music Vol. 1

Usher: he just gets cuter everyday, doesn't he?
Unexpectedly awesome freelance checks
Hardcore, kick-your-ass-into-the-ground yoga classes
Coney Island
None of the Kompakt label heads eat meat, and they're really into minimal pasta

The I-Don't-Understand-Why-I-Like-This-But-I-Find-it-Strangely-Compelling Department:

BBC America
Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori: Phantom Orchard
Hoobastank - 'The Reason'
VH1's 'I Love the 90s' marathon: "Dude, like, remember Oasis? That band from way-back-when? Yeah, how wack was that shit?"
'Food 911'
Rockaway Beach

The Snoozeworthy Department:

Folk and Pop Music of Northeast Thailand (DVD)
Brokenhearted Dragonflies: Insect Electronica of Southeast Asia

07.21.04 @ 02:18 PM EST [link]

there's some life in the old blog yet.
I'd been thinking the blogosphere had been really quiet lately, what with the fab Woebot boiling down into (the still fab but more stripped-down) Woebotnik, Technicolor ending, Simon going on vacation, etc etc. But hey look -- Simon's back; Jon's done up a massive blog post on Coil; Technicolor's coming back in a different form (you heard it here first); Matos has been making insane mixes and writing about them; Douglas' audioblog is taking off. . . .and on and on.

And I had a childhood memory mindmeld with Phil Sherburne, while reading his description of Wax Poetics (go read!): "You get a massive piece with luscious B+ photos on Joe Zawinul, including vintage ads for Rhodes and ARP that brought me back to my days of being a Keyboard reading middleschooler salivating over synthesizers (and occasionally rigging up my Korg Poly-800 with a guitar strap, just like they did it in the ads)"

Eek! I was like that too!

07.21.04 @ 09:35 AM EST [link]

If you're around New York City on Thursday, come watch The Man With The X-Ray Eyes on the big screen, with Pere Ubu performing live, in Prospect Park. It's free!

07.20.04 @ 10:00 PM EST [link]

tied to the 80s.
Saw the latest incarnation of Psychic TV (with Michael Gira opening) a few weeks ago. I'd been meaning to write something about it. I will say that half my reason for going was my morbid fascination with Genesis P's morbid fascination with him/herself's morbid fascination with...

Anyway, here's a rough outline of what I was thinking.

Thought #1: "Man, I wish this was Throbbing Gristle (with Swans opening.) Why was I a kid in the 80s?"
Thought #2: "Michael Gira has one great outfit that he keeps recycling, doesn't he? That brown suit and cowboy hat that he wore on the cover of the Wire...whoa, cool cowboy boots..."
Thought #3: "This is not very impressive."
Thought #4: It does, however, remind me of what John D. was saying about the acoustic guitar being a very violent thing..."
Thought #5: "Taking Sides: Michael Gira's teeth vs. Genesis P-Orridge's teeth"
Thought #6: "Genesis P is baring his ample bosom and wearing a red pleather miniskirt, fishnets, and high-heeled boots. I wish he'd leave a bit to the imagination...he looks like a cheap whore."
Thought #7: "haha NICE LEGS though!!"
Thought #7.5: "No one ever really says 'gams' anymore, do they?"
Thought #8: "When Gen smiles--all gold-capped teeth--it's the most grotesque thing ever. But somehow it's also strangely...alluring?"
Thought #9: "Taking Sides: Disposable, Interchangeable Psychic TV backing band vs Disposable, Interchangeable Fall backing band"
Thought #10: "Man, this sucks."

07.19.04 @ 12:56 AM EST [link]

The plants growing all around my house are in the rudest health imaginable. All that rain plus all this light. Lavender, dill, rosemary, basil, parsley, a ficus, a massive creeping ivy, various palm frondy type things, heather, kalanchoe, mint, cilantro. I bought a tomato vine for two bucks and it grows an inch taller every day. I prefer plants that serve some kind of function. The mint goes in mojitos and mint juleps. The basil is entering that "please make pesto with me" stage. Dill makes pretty much anything amazing, I've realized. The $2 tomato vine. . .well, maybe it will bear tomatoes one day, but I'm not losing sleep over it. I saw some dude selling lime trees on the street yesterday. Lime trees! This is New York, people! Well, it is summer after all, and anything can happen. . .

07.18.04 @ 09:40 PM EST [link]

I'm deliriously wending my way through the remarkable slew of new Sublime Frequencies stuff. Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound!

07.14.04 @ 03:12 PM EST [link]

But nothing breaks those doldrums better than seeing a beautifully-packaged Astral Glamour box set staring at you from under your front door (!)

07.12.04 @ 04:47 PM EST [link]

I had an intense feeling of being in England when I woke up this morning in Brooklyn. It's a particular kind of grey outside that it only gets like in England (or so I thought)--this pale, watery grey that lasts for days. And rain's been falling constantly. Not pounding; just falling. An insistent pitter-patter. Been sitting in the top floor of this creaky house in a creaky chair, running my fingers against the patterns of the sloped pressed-tin ceilings. Drinking tea with milk and staring out at all the grey. Endless grey.

07.12.04 @ 01:47 PM EST [link]

back with a vengeance.
The blog's back. I've moved out of Manhattan and settled into a beautiful old house in Brooklyn. I'm still unpacking boxes, but the sun's shining and I have red hair (!)

When you pack up all your records and unpack them, everything turns topsy-turvy. You find records you never thought you had. But you also start listening to records you knew you had. Art Blakey! Sun Ra! Ornette Coleman!

In the Voice books section this week, I talked with the author of Irrational Modernism: read it here.

07.06.04 @ 03:42 PM EST [link]

back again.
it's working.

07.06.04 @ 03:42 PM EST [link]

ach ja.

07.06.04 @ 03:38 PM EST [link]

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