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So, did anyone go to Detroit this weekend? I want reports!

05.30.05 @ 11:28 PM EST [link]

05.29.05 @ 12:41 AM EST [link]

radio on.
Overjoyed to announce that the radio show that I've been slaving away on for the past month is FINISHED! It's a one-hour special called "Food and Mood" for the weekly radio program "The Infinite Mind," and it airs coast to coast this week on NPR. (To see where the show is airing near you, click here.) Includes: interviews with brain scientists on why cutting out carbohydrates might make you feel depressed or pissed off! Interviews with a brain scientist on why fish might help people feel less depressed and violent! An anthropologist talking about why people eat fast food! And...I was lucky enough to get food-critic-extraordinaire Ruth Reichl to be on the show to talk about the power of comfort food, and to read from her new book Garlic and Sapphires. She has a voice that will make you melt. Seriously, if you listen to only one part of the show, listen to her.

05.26.05 @ 12:16 PM EST [link]

If you pick up the new issue of Bookforum (Pynchon on the cover!) there's a review by me of a Roxy Music biography that just came out in the US. There are at least two other Roxy books coming out in the next year that look like they'll be better than the one I had to write about, but if you're as into Roxy as I am you'll probably want to read them all.

I'm in Boston right now--about to head back to New York--and it's freezing, raining, and frighteningly windy. Damn you, New England!

05.25.05 @ 11:50 AM EST [link]

Me on a book I didn't like all that much in the Voice

05.24.05 @ 04:21 PM EST [link]

taxi gabber.
Usually when you take a cab in New York City, it's a pretty silent experience. Occasionally, though, you get into some very odd conversations. Today I was talking to the cab driver dude en route to my destination. Small talk, the usual stuff.

"What did you do before you drove a cab?" I asked.

"Me? I was a gabber DJ," the driver said.

I mentally attempted to calculate the odds that that would be the taxi driver's response, and came up with 1 in ten trillion.

"Here, let me play you one of my old mixes!" he said excitedly. It was hysterical and head-pounding, as gabber is wont to be.

"This is pretty good," I said.

"How's that for beatmatching?" he said proudly, while navigating a particularly perilous intersection. "It's not easy to beatmatch at 170 bpm, you know!"

05.23.05 @ 12:18 AM EST [link]

A veritable bonanza of great events coming up. DJ Pierre on Friday! M.A.N.D.Y. on Saturday! Boredoms! Kraftwerk! MUTEK in Montreal! The only thing that could make life better is if I managed to shoehorn in a visit to Fuse-In (formerly Movement) in Detroit--yikes, the lineup looks mighty.

05.18.05 @ 04:04 PM EST [link]

I love Gang of Four and all, and I'm glad they've reunited, but why on earth is a band that gave so much lip service to social and political issues playing at Clear Channel-owned Irving Plaza? And the $55 post-show afterparty ($55!) gives me the willies.

Feel free to berate me with your replies, but for now, I'm gonna stick with the $5 techno parties in peoples' basements.
05.15.05 @ 06:01 PM EST [link]

andy weatherall and suburban knight.
So many good gigs! On Thursday night I saw Andy Weatherall, who was, well, totally fantastic. This shocked me for several reasons: I'd seen Weatherall spin before and been nonplussed; it was at--egads--APT; it was Weatherall spinning a punk-funk set, which seems like a waste of Weatherall to me, since I'm more interested in what he's psyched for now. It was crowded, but not too crowded--there was enough room to dance and have a good time. (At one point I was accosted by two extremely wasted British dudes wielding $8 jumbo-sized cans of Sapporo, who swore up and down that this "can't be Weatherrrallll, I know Weatherrralll, I'm from England, I should know, this guy's an impostor! This DJ doesn't have any facial hair!" I explained that Weatherall had shaved, which tends to make people look younger. They vehemently disagreed and stumbled over to the bar for more Sapporo.) Weatherall's set felt young, too. Every track taut and sproingy, everything sounding unpredictable and unexpected. Fresh as a daisy. Still one of the best DJs in the world by my reckoning.

Last night was Underground Resistance night! I got to see, for the first time in my life, James Pennington, a.k.a. Suburban Knight, along with DJ Dex. I was blown away. I like a lot of Detroit techno, but I'd hardly consider myself a dyed-in-the-wool Detroit acolyte. But you know when you get so overcome by the sheer gorgeousness of music--totally sober, I might add--that you can barely stand it? During the unstoppable peak of Suburban Knight's set, it seemed like the radiant heavens parted over the dank, dark basement. My heart rose into my throat as I realized what was playing. The Martian - "Stardancer." I actually stood in a corner and wept. It was a beautiful moment.

05.14.05 @ 05:24 PM EST [link]

There's an old-school (18th/19th century) art exhibit up at the New York Public Library that I thought wouldn't be my bag; I'm more of a 20th century girl. Dada, Russian constructivism, minimalism, dorky '80s video art, Le Corbusier-designed buildings, Italian Futurist cooking, the Air & Space Museum--that's more my speed. Oil paintings, engravings, daguerrotypes and the like? Not really. But this exhibit on British women in the pre-Victorian era rocks. Really! It's been a while since I've visited an exhibit with so much obvious care lavished upon it. Here's my review in the Voice.

05.10.05 @ 03:51 PM EST [link]

radio radio.
Right now, I'm producing a radio show about SCIENCE! and FOOD! that will air on NPR in (shock horror) two weeks! Which means I've been panicking and researching and calling up sources and writing up radio scripts in easy-to-read 16-point-Helvetica and things like that. Which means not much time to listen to music, though I have been diggin' that "Brazilian Nao Wave, 1982-86" comp in between the hypnotic, minimal "Teach Yourself German" language lesson tapes that I have set on loop. More music to come when I claw myself out of talk-radio-land.

05.10.05 @ 01:44 AM EST [link]

mildly disoriented.
Though I ostensibly live in New York City, I realized while paying my rent the other day that I've only spent 14 out of the last 30 days here; I've logged about ten thousand frequent-flyer miles in the past four weeks. This weekend I'll be in North Carolina, of all places. Keep on fighting the good fight, and go see Akufen, Crackhaus, and the rest of the Montreal posse at Subtonic tomorrow night! Gutted I'm missing it!

The camera is fixed, so photos are upcoming.

05.06.05 @ 05:58 PM EST [link]

Get Physical washes up on these shores! M.A.N.D.Y. DJ set at the Tribeca Grand on May 21st!

05.05.05 @ 05:28 PM EST [link]


Here's the stuff I've been into lately.

Best new full-length:

Isolee - Wearemonster [Playhouse]

Best new DJ mix:

M.A.N.D.Y. - Body Language 1 [Get Physical], Superpitcher - Today [Kompakt]

Best recent remixes:

Losoul "You Know" remix 12", feat. remixes by Supermayer (yes, that is what you think it is) and Alter Ego [Playhouse]

Scariest cover photo of a DJ taking a shower

DJ Koze on the cover of Groove

Best New Party Announcement

This party in Cologne this summer, which looks like it'll be awesome. Here's the typically hilarious over-the-top Kompakt press release I received:

Once a year the bells of the cathedral in Cologne ring audibly louder and in 4/4-beat, it´s always at the time when KOMPAKT invites to the big rush. August 26th, the KOMPAKT family arranges the traditional Fridayparty in the course of the exciting c/o pop festival and on the occasion of the yearly released jubilee compilation »Total 6«. After the fulminant success of last year´s »KOMPAKT 100«-night at the theater am tanzbrunnen, where 2.500 guests from all around the world were partying as if there was no tomorrow, of course this year we put one on top. But: We already get enough repetitions on TV, that´s why »Total 6« will be taking place in another and yet secret venue.
Of course this year the line-up is of overwhelming quality. With a lot of excitement we await the europeanwide first public appearance of the mysterious as well as spectacular Rex the Dog. Electronic fans and journalists are still speculating about his real identity. If it´s Martin Gore, Daniel Miller, Michael Mayer or really a dog – the party of »Total 6« will disclose the secret. Furthermore we announce Germany´s darling DJ Koze, as well as Ferenc from Barcelona, who will present their current album »Fraximal« in live. And live on stage again the one and only Justus Köhncke & band. Besides the triumvirate Superpitcher/Tobias Thomas/Michael Mayer, the whole KOMPAKT posse will be rocking at the turntables.

KOMPAKT presents TOTAL 6
Friday, August 26th 2005
Location secret yet

Reinhard Voigt
Rex The Dog
Justus Köhncke & Band


DJ Koze
Michael Mayer
Tobias Thomas
Jo Saurbier
Navid Tahernia
Tobias Becker

Baxendale?! What the fuck? Well, according to Ronan, Mayer's been caning some recent remix of theirs that's shit-hot, so who knows. Anyway, since I'll be in the neighborhood, I'll most definitely make it over to Cologne for this on the 26th. I hope you'll be there too.
05.04.05 @ 02:36 AM EST [link]

back from boston.

05.04.05 @ 02:14 AM EST [link]

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