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04/07/2007: "to montreal."

The Mutek lineup this year is shaping up to be pretty amazing, with live sets by Rhythm & Sound, the Wighnomy Brothers, Cobblestone Jazz, Pantha du Prince, My My, and many other acts after my own heart. I'll be there.

I'm working on my budding prowess on the decks (I got a pair of Technics 1200s a few months ago, which is another reason I'd been so slack about updating this site--I've gotten really into practicing beatmatching, if you can believe it!)

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salut! i see you're coming to my lovely school to perhaps work alongside my even lovelier thesis advisor. dave stelfox told me so.

i'll be at the emp this coming week--if you want to know anything about mcgill, montreal, mr. sterne's entertaining classes, and our oh-so-entertaining grad student "sound and stuff" working group, i'll be happy to oblige.

and congrats!

erin said @ 04/14/2007 06:59 PM EST

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