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08/22/2006: "record war."

I see that Carl over at the Impostume has taken on my challenge to do the ultra-cheap-record-shopping thing, and we have a bit of a rivalry going on at the moment. He's put up a valiant effort thus far, with some great one and two-quid finds. But I have to say I have the edge over Carl here because he's in the UK and I'm in the US, and what with the pound-dollar exchange rate being so abysmal--one pound is almost two bucks right now--I'm almost guaranteed to win. Ha ha! Add in the fact that I've been living in California for the past month, which means weekly trips to the mighty Amoeba.

I bought 15 used techno 12"s yesterday and spent 60 dollars, which is a bit pricey by my standards--an average of four dollars per record!--but I found some fantastic stuff, particularly of the vintage Detroit persuasion, which I'll scan up here soon.

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Get thee to The Impostume!

carl said @ 08/23/2006 05:19 PM EST

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