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07/31/2006: ""

Addendum: I was walking through the East Village the other day and a record shop had a sale where all the dollar records were 50% off! Naturally I couldn't resist, so I spent the next two or three hours going through crates and crates of mostly crappy used vinyl in poor condition. I ended up spending $3.50 on 7 records. The best find: the hardcore rave classic "Don't Go" by Awesome 3 from 1992, with the original mix, the awesome "kicks like a mule" mix, the 760 mix, the "second movement," and "Headstrong." Fifty cents! So much dust on it that I don't think it had been played since about '93.

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I totally love "Dont't Go!"

Michael F Gill said @ 08/06/2006 11:45 PM EST

I passed that store too on the way back to the Voice from Chickpeas. I browsed the records (didn't devote the time you clearly did) and didn't really find anything I wanted to listen to. I did buy two albums that I liked the cover art for, though.

Mordy said @ 08/02/2006 10:40 PM EST


Drew said @ 07/31/2006 12:19 PM EST

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