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03/06/2006: ""

The music blogosphere has gotten all prog again, and I'm totally psyched. Down with punk and terse, to-the-point three-sentence posts! I'm back in action with this blog, and I've been spending between eight and sixteen hours a day in insane, delirious writing jams (on various things--not just this!) Simon just started a new series on his top 300 favorite hardcore records. Woebot is in the midst of a heavy dectuple-gatefold series on rare French finds. K-Punk is busy riffing on the Jr Boys with finely-wrought 3000-word epic solos. Between this and the total-information-overload of Youtube (Bizarro Amon Düül footage! Optical theremins! Secret of the Ancient Sampler: Inside the Mellotron! What no Cluster?), I'd say we're all set. Me, I'm growing my hair long, drinking herbal tea, and listening to Tangerine Dream...

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WOW seeing an amon duul II video from 1970 no less is way too much-- however before that read your article with the lsd-serotonin (5-HT) association on which there's a few pages in new book by eric kandel in which he tells about working in a lab where research involving this matter within brain science is being done circa 1955-- also this week beside k-punk on junior boys mor modernism kdd posted psychedelia memorabilia that gets us to current stoner metal of dead meadow (feathers) cluster is on the aural innovations spacerock top 20 albums along with amon duul II dominated by hawkwind

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