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01/19/2006: ""

Sometimes I get so stressed with the whole freelance game that I forget why I'm doing this in the first place. I just found this letter that a kid in Australia wrote to me two years ago, and it's one of the most awesome things I've ever received.

hi Geeta

I'm a 17-year old Wire reader, and i just thought i'd like to tell you that i thought your piece on the last page of the Derek Bailey issue was really cool - you mentioned Neu, Sun City Girls and the Dreamhouse on the same page! But other than that i thought it was a truly magnificant incite.

When i was 15 i was listening to Neu 1 everyday and was completely obsessed with it, and during the same time i developed an obsession with Lamonte Young and the Dream Syndicate. I've always dreamed of going to the Dreamhouse and lying down for hours like you mentioned in the last paragraph of your piece, and it was really cool to read those words on the last 30 seconds of a hour-long Wire read. I thought it was truly cool

I had the chance to meet Tony Conrad earlier this year when he came to my part of the world (melbourne). After telling him he was like a hero of mine, i asked him 'what was it like playing in the theatre of eternal music'. He looks away for a minute, baffled 'hmm, well, jeez, let me think...' he says, and then with a smile on his 60-year old face, 'well, hah, we smoked a lot of pot! Nothing like spacing out for hours on my violin - i'd turn to Lamonte, Marian and John and say, "hey guys, what note are we gonna play now?!"'. That was so cool to hear that. anyway i thought i'd mention it.

anyway, in summation i think you're a great writer, i hope to read more of your stuff.

best of luck for the future, whatever it may bring


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keep at it orm geetabix prime

mark s said @ 01/24/2006 12:06 PM EST

aw...thanks :)

geeta said @ 01/22/2006 05:47 PM EST

i agree with rob - you are a very good writer, and i really enjoy reading your articles (i found this blog after reading one of your articles in the village voice).

i hope the stress eases up, take care, keep writing, and best of luck to you.

passerby said @ 01/22/2006 03:56 PM EST

email me

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