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12/05/2005: ""

Go read David Byrne's awesome blog. He's been updating it regularly, and it's really heady stuff.

In this recent interview, Byrne was asked: "If the world was to end tomorrow and you had one last meal, what would it be?" His oddly virtuous response: "Fresh fish, grilled w/ lemon and olive oil, spinach, brussels sprouts, white wine." Brussels sprouts!

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thanks for the link, it's great to read a 'celeb' blog that's not super self-serving.

yours is alright too!

calico said @ 12/15/2005 09:32 PM EST

hey geets,
rationality if ubiquitous, breeds monotony. u are actually right abt the pepto-b. now rationally, one would think twice before taking stuff that forms a major part of an earthworm's diet. but yet we do and it works !!! try it to believe it !!!

Arvind said @ 12/05/2005 11:06 PM EST

agreed! i really heard his voice in his Sept 16 post--it had a real early-Talking-Heads rhythm to it:

"What if, instead of clearing the cobwebs from my mind every morning and then getting down to work, I saved them instead? Neatly stacked and labeled and organized in a portfolio or in manila folders? What dormant treasures might those tangled cobwebs hold?

Why donít horned herbivores, constantly threatened by predators like lions and tigers, gang up on them instead of always running away?

If rationality will not save us then what will?

Is it true that Pepto-Bismol is essentially flavored clay?"

geeta said @ 12/05/2005 10:01 PM EST

You can almost hear Byrne's voice when you read his blog. It's great!

Anthony said @ 12/05/2005 04:59 PM EST

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