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08/22/2005: ""

I interviewed Rem Koolhaas today. It was...strange, in only a way that interviewing Rem Koolhaas can be. Partway through the interview, he turned the tables and started interviewing me about what I thought about architecture, which threw me off to say the least. I called my friend and told him about it, and while I was telling him about it he said "Haha Richie Hawtin just went by on his bicycle!"

"Sorry, continue."

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i think this is possibly the best punchline ever.

scott said @ 08/25/2005 07:59 AM EST

His books are the shite, esp. his little Harvard "Project on the City" one & Delirious NY. Btw, is this for a Voice piece??

Roque said @ 08/25/2005 06:16 AM EST

ha ha i love that you got rem koolhaased. can't wait to hear more about it. and please print his name as r.e.m. koolhaas. i hope he wasn't a twat.

deanna said @ 08/23/2005 03:39 PM EST

have you seen rem's lagos dvd? momus mentioned it on his blog a while back, i think.

sam said @ 08/23/2005 02:52 PM EST

email me

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