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08/06/2005: "monolake."

I saw Monolake on Thursday night--the Berlin release party for their new album Polygon Cities--at massive club WMF and holy shit it was totally incredible. Completely rearranged my brain with respect to what minimal techno could do. Photos to come once I figure out how to get them off my camera and onto this computer, but good lord. There were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people at WMF, on a Thursday night. Lots of the Berlin dance music elite were in the audience; I was standing next to Miss Kittin, Apparat, and a bunch of other folks I recognized but couldn't quite place. The sound was huge and all-encompassing, like you were swimming in this giant, er, monolake. Mono-ocean. More later when I'm not at an internet cafe, paying by the minute.

And I'm pleased to present my first article for Die Tageszeitung, a live review of Monolake and DJ Premier (separate shows, in case you're wondering. But they were on the same night, and I went to both.)

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so jealous i can't type

robert said @ 08/06/2005 05:29 PM EST

damn i'm jeolous
how different is it with two laptops?

robert said @ 08/06/2005 05:28 PM EST


blount said @ 08/06/2005 03:32 PM EST

email me

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