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08/04/2005: "slices."

There's this cool new German DVD magazine about dance music called Slices. (It's not a magazine about DVDs; it's a magazine on a DVD, about dance music.) They give it away for free in record stores here in Berlin. Strangely, it's sponsored by T-Mobile--I feel ever so slightly better about all the money those bastards have milked from me over the years on cell phone bills now. I'm sort of obsessed with Slices already. Each DVD is pretty long--over an hour--and consists of a series of (really well produced!) video interviews with German-based house/techno DJs and producers. Last night I watched a hilariously lovey-dovey Slices interview with Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos on how they've gotten to be best pals (they finish each others' sentences, even!), a goofy interview with DJ Koze where he dons some sort of Transformers costume and marches through the streets of Hamburg, a walk-through with Wolfgang Voigt through Kompakt distribution HQ (Wolfgang looks like David Bowie now, all clean-shaven and with that bright blond hair!), dinner with the Wighnomy Bros. on Musik Krause home turf, a visit to Playhouse headquarters, footage of the Get Physical guys rocking a crowd, a visit to Ewan Pearson's vinyl-filled Berlin apartment, etc etc. Awesome stuff. I can't seem to find a place online where you can watch Slices without the actual DVD, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

There's also this trailer for a new film produced stateside by the electronic-music heads at Square Productions that you can watch here.

As night fell on Berlin, I walked home listening to the Geiger mix of Dorau/Kohncke's "Durch Die Nacht." I still can't get over how beautiful it is. Used to dazzling effect on both the Total 6 comp and the Optimo Psyche Out mix. It's got that real lost-on-the-dancefloor vibe to it, that endlessly looping disco-diva echo.

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Re: comments on "Durch Die Nacht."
I couldn't agree more. First time I heard it was on Psyche out. Definitely slept on.

Paul Corey said @ 08/10/2005 12:33 PM EST

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