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08/02/2005: "berlin."

Hello from Berlin! I'm all settled in. I have a beautiful apartment in Prenzlauer Berg that costs a third of what I was paying in Brooklyn, and I have an amazing view of the East German planetarium from my bedroom window. Looking out at the massive silver orb makes me feel like I'm living in some retro-futuristic sci-fi flick. I already have my first assignment for the paper; I'm going to be interviewing Chelonis R. Jones from Berlin's mighty Get Physical record label. Chelonis! From Get Physical! Holy shit! "I Don't Know"! "One and One"! I'm not really awake--I didn't sleep much on the plane from New York and I was stranded in Brussels for a few hours waiting for a connection, all in the raw early hours of morning. After passing out for a few hours in my new room, I realized this: I am not in New York anymore. It took a little while for this to sink in.

I think I am going to go to Ostgut this weekend.

And here's a new music blog with lots of people I know in it: Beat Research. I hope they ask me to contribute!

Photos on the way.

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What's your new job? writing in a magazine? which one? do you know german? :)

Tal said @ 08/26/2005 07:46 PM EST

yes i will definitely be at co pop!

geeta said @ 08/06/2005 09:06 AM EST

Will Geeta goto this festival in Cologne:

PREVIEW: c/o pop
August 24-28
Cologne, Germany

LINEUP: The MFA, Justus Koehncke, Rex the Dog, Maximo Park, Saint Etienne, Basteroid, Metope, Audio Werner, Wighnomy Bros., Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Apparat, Michael Mayer, Superpitcher, Losoul, Hrvatski, Ferenc, Egoexpress, James Holden, the Arcade Fire, Hot Hot Heat, the Go! Team, Annie, Benjamin Diamond, Dominik Eulberg, Triple R., Alex Smoke, M.I.A., and more.

Source: earplug

DJ Martian said @ 08/04/2005 04:50 PM EST

Welcome to Germany! :-)

disconizeme said @ 08/03/2005 06:01 AM EST

PS big congrats on the new job.

PPS how about a chelonis transcript, when it happens? pls ask him who has the best monologues, green velvet or blake baxter? and if he has considered hip-house rapping like fast eddie?

Vahid said @ 08/03/2005 01:57 AM EST

dear geeta,

pls contribute.



vahid said @ 08/03/2005 01:51 AM EST

email me

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