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06/23/2005: ""

I spent a lot of the day in a hospital (I'm just fine, but one of my brothers isn't), and I was feelin' pretty down. It looks like he's going to get better soon, but right now things are no fun at all. I spent a lot of time watching nurses hover as I sat there on a stiff vinyl chair, helplessly wondering about the world and our insignificant places in it. Later on, as I was working on my computer and trying to fix what was wrong with my blasted email accounts, I came across two beautiful emails from none other than Justus Köhncke--sent to me in 2004--about this post. I'd never read them until today. And suddenly I started to feel better again. Or more hopeful, at least, about the future and what it might hold. Sometimes I think that Köhncke's music is one great big cosmic present sent from the skies--tied with loads of colorful ribbons and bows--sent to comfort us when we're feeling bad, and to remind us that yes, disco is still the greatest thing ever.

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you are bang on the nail with justus, every song is sure fire pleasure zone!

ambrose said @ 06/26/2005 07:46 AM EST

hope things are ok dude... i've had a lot of sick people/hospital stuff in my life lately so i can sympathize. keep your chin up!!

slocki said @ 06/24/2005 10:48 AM EST

totally agreed on your metaphor for koehncke's musik. how well put!

jaime said @ 06/23/2005 12:02 PM EST

email me

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