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06/16/2005: ""

Some upcoming events:

Dan Selzer & co. Alldisco night at Capone's on Saturday in Williamsburg -- you can download past sets here. Lovely website too.

Dominic LaRuffa's blog w/ details on a show feat. local band Kudu (which promises to cross the best parts of '81 post-punk/'86 Chicago house/'91 UK rave?!) on Tuesday

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thanks for coming out saturday. Summers are always slow for parties and it was the first nice saturday after the heat broke, so we were dissapointed with the turnout initially. However we ended up with a nice dance party and a great vibe, I thought, and I had fun DJing. Spread the word about this upcoming saturday, as our guest is High Priest from the Death Comet Crew, who used to DJ for Phase II, K-Rob and Rammellzee, and played in Gray w/ Basquiat and Vincent Gallo back in the "day". Should be fun.

Dan Selzer said @ 06/20/2005 12:02 PM EST

! report back on kudu, if you get the chance, as that's what my band was supposed to do (haha teenage band name = kuru, after the prion disease that afflicts PNG cannibals)! tho being in NY as opposed to NZ helps them somewhat in finding like-minded people, sigh.

good luck w/yr berlin move! & thanks for the mutek report (only interesting thing heading to NZ = superpitcher in a few months) & the mark sinker back-in-the-day article!

etc / stevie kaye said @ 06/16/2005 01:34 AM EST

email me

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