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06/07/2005: "montreal."

I went to Montreal for MUTEK, and I wasn't disappointed. This is what Montreal looks like in June:

Tintin is everywhere.

I was captivated by this yellow wall. The layers of paint gave it a strange crumbly texture.

Vines everywhere!

And vine-covered graffiti!

More graffiti.

And more.

Trees everywhere.

A great bridge.

Riding on the Metro.

MUTEK rundown coming up.

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that makes it even more awesome!

ps. mark: come visit nyc soon!

geeta said @ 06/08/2005 06:26 PM EST

re: the yellow wall. that's not paint, not exactly. it's a weirdo kind of spray-on insulation for when buildings built right next to each other lose a neighbouring edifice to fire! and since there are a lot of fires in this city you see it all over!

slutsky said @ 06/08/2005 05:32 PM EST

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