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05/26/2005: "radio on."

Overjoyed to announce that the radio show that I've been slaving away on for the past month is FINISHED! It's a one-hour special called "Food and Mood" for the weekly radio program "The Infinite Mind," and it airs coast to coast this week on NPR. (To see where the show is airing near you, click here.) Includes: interviews with brain scientists on why cutting out carbohydrates might make you feel depressed or pissed off! Interviews with a brain scientist on why fish might help people feel less depressed and violent! An anthropologist talking about why people eat fast food! And...I was lucky enough to get food-critic-extraordinaire Ruth Reichl to be on the show to talk about the power of comfort food, and to read from her new book Garlic and Sapphires. She has a voice that will make you melt. Seriously, if you listen to only one part of the show, listen to her.

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