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05/24/2005: ""

Me on a book I didn't like all that much in the Voice

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read the was meant to be a joke on the book, but it got interpreted the wrong way. i like ireland! i know there's more to ireland than guinness--it's one of the world's biggest economies. and i'm one of the least america-centric people you'll ever meet (i'm moving to germany in two months for a reason!) my problem was with his goofy measurements, and i should've explained that better. i think his measurements and ranking lists don't make much sense--the way he was ranking and defining things cross-nationally, you could make ANY country be on top. like estonia is more 'creative' than iceland..what does that tell us? nothing much, as far as i can tell.

geeta said @ 05/26/2005 11:43 AM EST

i havent read this book or anything...but

in your review you seem to presume that america should, or has been, no. 1 in creativity? (i presume that's what you mean by 'global creative-class'?

'Guinness, the IRA, and U2' ? If thats the extent of your knowledge of Irish innovativness, perhaps you should take a different slant when discussing this guy's book? Why have a dig at us ? What exactly have america given the world in the last 10 years apart from illegal, world-damaging foreign policy, and, eh, starbucks?

Fintan said @ 05/26/2005 06:30 AM EST

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