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05/23/2005: "taxi gabber."

Usually when you take a cab in New York City, it's a pretty silent experience. Occasionally, though, you get into some very odd conversations. Today I was talking to the cab driver dude en route to my destination. Small talk, the usual stuff.

"What did you do before you drove a cab?" I asked.

"Me? I was a gabber DJ," the driver said.

I mentally attempted to calculate the odds that that would be the taxi driver's response, and came up with 1 in ten trillion.

"Here, let me play you one of my old mixes!" he said excitedly. It was hysterical and head-pounding, as gabber is wont to be.

"This is pretty good," I said.

"How's that for beatmatching?" he said proudly, while navigating a particularly perilous intersection. "It's not easy to beatmatch at 170 bpm, you know!"

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that's what you get for using Jim Jarmusch Yellow Cab.

jedwardkeyes said @ 05/27/2005 12:20 PM EST

it's not about YOU can discern it's about what HE can discern!!

p^nk s said @ 05/24/2005 12:01 PM EST

haha yeah i think so too! you can barely discern what good mixing is at that speed anyway!

geeta said @ 05/23/2005 12:56 PM EST

hee hee! that's a funny story! although i'd argue that it's EASIER to mix at 170 than at 144 or 120!

Fintan said @ 05/23/2005 11:44 AM EST

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