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05/15/2005: ""

I love Gang of Four and all, and I'm glad they've reunited, but why on earth is a band that gave so much lip service to social and political issues playing at Clear Channel-owned Irving Plaza? And the $55 post-show afterparty ($55!) gives me the willies.

Feel free to berate me with your replies, but for now, I'm gonna stick with the $5 techno parties in peoples' basements.

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yeah, well...check out jon king's day job:

Hardgrove said @ 06/01/2005 11:34 AM EST

I see that Simon Reynolds asked Jon King at the Rip It up panel about being on EMI in the UK, rather than on an indie, and Jon said words to the effect that all labels were crooked, and that he chose a late capitalist one over an early capitalist one.

steve said @ 05/25/2005 09:17 AM EST

Steve & Blount otm. Quintessential student band in this way: expert on theory, didn't care in practice. (or, worse, declare that things are "complicated," therefore no action need be taken)

John Darnielle said @ 05/20/2005 10:03 PM EST

GY!BE is the only band i know of that could fill ClearChannel venues but actively refuses to play in them. Conscientous objectors! respect.

its also tentacling in several european countries, everything from billboards to booking agencies.

jace said @ 05/19/2005 03:41 PM EST

they crossed picket lines years ago too so really nothing new here.

blount said @ 05/17/2005 07:42 PM EST

Is it possible in this monopoly-friendly country to do a tour of big clubs and not perform at clear-channel controlled clubs?

Gang of 4 were on a big corporate label 20 some years ago, so why the big surprise that they're not indie-everything now.

steve said @ 05/17/2005 01:51 PM EST

I'm pretty sure they're ONLY playing Clear Channel-approved gigs...just like Mission Of Burma. wtfff

Anthony said @ 05/16/2005 11:00 AM EST

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