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05/14/2005: "andy weatherall and suburban knight."

So many good gigs! On Thursday night I saw Andy Weatherall, who was, well, totally fantastic. This shocked me for several reasons: I'd seen Weatherall spin before and been nonplussed; it was at--egads--APT; it was Weatherall spinning a punk-funk set, which seems like a waste of Weatherall to me, since I'm more interested in what he's psyched for now. It was crowded, but not too crowded--there was enough room to dance and have a good time. (At one point I was accosted by two extremely wasted British dudes wielding $8 jumbo-sized cans of Sapporo, who swore up and down that this "can't be Weatherrrallll, I know Weatherrralll, I'm from England, I should know, this guy's an impostor! This DJ doesn't have any facial hair!" I explained that Weatherall had shaved, which tends to make people look younger. They vehemently disagreed and stumbled over to the bar for more Sapporo.) Weatherall's set felt young, too. Every track taut and sproingy, everything sounding unpredictable and unexpected. Fresh as a daisy. Still one of the best DJs in the world by my reckoning.

Last night was Underground Resistance night! I got to see, for the first time in my life, James Pennington, a.k.a. Suburban Knight, along with DJ Dex. I was blown away. I like a lot of Detroit techno, but I'd hardly consider myself a dyed-in-the-wool Detroit acolyte. But you know when you get so overcome by the sheer gorgeousness of music--totally sober, I might add--that you can barely stand it? During the unstoppable peak of Suburban Knight's set, it seemed like the radiant heavens parted over the dank, dark basement. My heart rose into my throat as I realized what was playing. The Martian - "Stardancer." I actually stood in a corner and wept. It was a beautiful moment.

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star dancer:)

i put up a dave angel mix from 93 with stardancer on it

gareth said @ 06/04/2005 03:19 PM EST

Hi, I saw suburban knight @lowlands festival. it was in the summer of 2001, and that night changed my perspectives in music. How can I explain myself?
I haven't experienced any real technoparty before and the acts I planned to follow were tricky, and you will know us, etc. but when I was back I couldn't talk anything else but that "underground resistance presents 430west"!

emiliano said @ 06/02/2005 02:29 PM EST

email me

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