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05/10/2005: "radio radio."

Right now, I'm producing a radio show about SCIENCE! and FOOD! that will air on NPR in (shock horror) two weeks! Which means I've been panicking and researching and calling up sources and writing up radio scripts in easy-to-read 16-point-Helvetica and things like that. Which means not much time to listen to music, though I have been diggin' that "Brazilian Nao Wave, 1982-86" comp in between the hypnotic, minimal "Teach Yourself German" language lesson tapes that I have set on loop. More music to come when I claw myself out of talk-radio-land.

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re: teach yourself german, thought you'd enjoy this:

sampled from said tapes, using all the sentences in german about not being able to understand german.

wayneandwax said @ 05/16/2005 11:24 AM EST

o and 2 more things:

1) plz plz plz podcast this

2) u+k for talkradiosuccess - a good theme. coast to coast uses moroder's 'the chase'.

blount said @ 05/10/2005 04:52 AM EST

omfg geeta - i was listening to some bbc radio science/maths hoohaw things on my ipod when i ran (ran out, now listening to torrented audiobooks about the forefathers). great stuff, i was wishing there was something american that was similar (maybe there is who knows?)(the closest i can think of is 'earth and sky' and 'coast to coast am' art bell's old show; neither of these are very close). anyhow they were quite entertaining and informative. judging by yr stewardship of 'pbs' i trust/hope the same will prove true of yr show! congrats!

blount said @ 05/10/2005 04:46 AM EST

email me

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