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04/28/2005: ""

Big big congrats to Simon R., whose awesome new post-punk tome Rip it Up and Start Again came out this week in the UK!

A most excellent book. (I admit I'm a little bit partial because I worked as his research assistant on the book for about a year. It was the best job ever.) You can get the UK version here, or you can wait for the US version.

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nice! that one had slipped out of my brain for awhile, so i'm glad to be reminded that it's out (or almost out).

Robin Ivester said @ 05/09/2005 01:05 AM EST

i'm reviewing this and that 1981 boxset from ILM for Stylus! i've been distracted by several books on various metal subgenres and satanism, but it's a compelling read thus far (not far).

interested so far in the manner that reynolds addresses the political aspects. as someone who was fascinated, yet disappointed by greil marcus' thin intellectual history (coincidental linkages, etc.) in lipstick traces, it's good to read someone who will indict howard devoto's apolitical stance as a posture and little more.

blackmail is my life said @ 05/02/2005 09:36 AM EST

good job, i really like this so far and it's huge, which i love

rizzx said @ 04/29/2005 01:54 AM EST

email me

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