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04/25/2005: ""

Today on the A train I was doing my usual misanthropic subway shtick, which goes something like this: grip pole, stand, stare at floor, avoid eye contact, listen to pounding music, do math problems in head. Then three hulking dudes in baggy hip-hop attire--plus one little kid for instant cuteness--flicked on a tinny boombox and started doing backflips through the entire subway car. I was awestruck. Totally awestruck. I mean, I've seen breakdancing and related suave dance moves in subway stations dozens of times, but I'd never seen anyone barrel through the entire length of a subway car doing backflips. In a moving train, no less. Madness!

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payday loans said @ 05/06/2005 03:47 PM EST

not at all james, these kids were very polite.

hstencil said @ 04/26/2005 06:16 AM EST

stence - is this what prompted you to start that thread? :)

blount said @ 04/26/2005 05:22 AM EST

haha yes, i guess so! too bad i didn't see you!

geeta said @ 04/25/2005 12:33 PM EST

um geeta were you riding the same train as me? cuz i saw those dudes on my way to work that afternoon...

hstencil said @ 04/25/2005 05:42 AM EST

email me

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