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04/21/2005: ""

I was inspired by my friend Douglas telling me he's been driving himself crazy trying to teach himself how to play every Dylan song on ukelele for a piece on Dylan that he's writing. It seemed like a great way to immerse oneself in music, if a little masochistic. So for a piece on Roxy Music that I was writing, I decided to teach myself how to play a few of my favorite Roxy songs on piano. A few tunes I worked on: "Sunset," "Beauty Queen," and the second half of "Mother of Pearl"--the piano comedown after the insane guitar solo. It was trying to recall the lyrics to "Mother of Pearl" that made me tear up, though, the bit about "all love and glory is a pantomime." I guess I've been in a delicate state of mind recently; I can fall apart at the slightest whisper. I haven't listened to lyrics in such a long time, or actively listened to lyrics, anyway, what with all the techno and ambient records I'd been listening to. Perhaps it's better that I don't listen to lyrics, because I end up ascribing too much meaning to them. (The heaviest record I listened to this week was On Land, to give you some idea of where my head is at. Just enough sound to tint the air; I can't handle much more than that.)

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payday loans said @ 05/06/2005 03:46 PM EST

Heya Geeta. Just catching up with your journal and wanted to let you know that someone gave me a copy of two different Roxy Music TV performances on DVD. One with Eno and one just after he left. I haven't seen it yet. Let me know if you want to have a movie night. Woohoo!

liz said @ 04/27/2005 09:56 AM EST

i guess i meant heavy in a different sense...more in a 'rock' sense. but yeah, i agree, on land is pretty heavy in its own way! metal machine music is also really heavy...i listen to that a lot too.

geeta said @ 04/21/2005 02:21 PM EST

Are you suggesting 'On Land' isn't that heavy a record? I think it's one of the heaviest, darkest, most emotionally powerful albums I've ever heard. The bells on 'The Lost Day' alone tear me much more up than any lyrics ever could.

Jannik Juhl said @ 04/21/2005 08:28 AM EST

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