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03/30/2005: ""

And a big happy birthday shout-out to my little brother, who is finishing up his graduate work at Oxford and is probably mortified that I've mentioned him on this blog. Our tastes in music are pretty dissimilar--he thinks all the music I listen to is "too weird"--but we've bonded over a few things, like when I found out he liked "Around the World" by Daft Punk.

"You don't think this is weird? This song is totally weird!" I said.

"No it isn't!"

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Fantastic song. I've had a similar experience with my sister, but not with Daft Punk. With Mirah, I think.

Anyway, has your brother seen the video for "Around the World"? If you can watch that song and still thing the song isn't weird ... then I don't know. I guess that would make you pretty ... weird. Or something.

Will said @ 04/02/2005 10:32 PM EST

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