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03/28/2005: "tim hawkinson."

Tim Hawkinson, people, Tim Hawkinson. I don't usually write about visual art on The Original Soundtrack, and I'm not usually juiced up by big art-with-a-capital-A mid-career retrospectives, but go. See. This. Now. It marks the only time in my life that I haven't felt ripped off for spending twelve bucks for admission to the Whitney Museum, and also the only time in my life I've been floored by something I saw at the Whitney Museum. It's the kind of art exhibit that will leave you punching the air with your fist and going "Yes!" with a goofy grin on your face. If you want to see something by Hawkinson that doesn't involve spending any hard-earned dough, go to 56th Street and Madison Avenue and check out his classic ‹berorgan, currently installed in its full ridiculous glory in the giant glass-walled IBM atrium. You will repeat "This guy is insane. I can't believe someone actually did this" to yourself, softly, over and over again. The man's a genius.

More on the actual details of said museum retrospective when I'm less floored. For now, you can read this review. You can also download old recordings of Hawkinson's ‹berorgan on the magnificent Ubuweb.

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oh my god, it's so rad - the tiny creatures made out of fingernails? amazing. the round boat? amazing! the plastic sheet full of metallic tape that looks like a big broken window? amazing!

Daphne C. said @ 04/04/2005 12:13 AM EST

And did you get to see the Bill Viola piece that was there? So grand! Five screens showing different shots of the same moment; but slower, faster, different angles and backwards. Totally beautiful stuff.

Also the art in the gallery off the elevators in the first floor was great. Can't remember the artist's name at all but she does collage with plasticine on top of old advertisements from women's magazines from the 50's. Funny stuf.

Liz B. said @ 04/01/2005 11:26 PM EST

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