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03/28/2005: "interlude!"

I live in a creaky old house in Brooklyn that was built before the Civil War -- a real house, with a yard and stuff. Occasionally it yields odd surprises in the flora and fauna department. A few days ago I found a rotund mother bird skilfully assembling twigs into a nest on the windowsill in the guest room. Every day the nest gets bigger, and now she is sitting there, placid, laying her baby-bird eggs. I will take photos soon. A few months ago, I found a squirrel burrowing into the front door frame, where it lived for a while. And ladybugs! And an old jasmine vine in the window started producing fragrant clusters of white, waxy flowers. Spring is here, I think.

Excuse me while I get all hippie on you. This seems like the perfect time to mention that I'll be visiting the West Coast soon -- San Francisco from April 8th to 14th (to hang out and pay frequent visits to the mighty Amoeba), and Seattle from April 14th to 17th (for the EMP music conference). If you're around, drop me a line.

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