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03/24/2005: ""

Saw the Glimmer Twins (now called the Glimmers, due to legal troubles! I guess the "real" Glimmer Twins got angry) the other night and all I could think was this: APT really needs to crank up their sound system and get rid of the furniture (tables, chairs, bartenders, everything) pronto.

Still, I will go back there for John Tejada next week, like the sap I am. I better see some sweat (on the walls), is all I'm sayin'. If you don't know Tejada, here's the breathless De:Bug review:

"Mit dem Frauenvocal "What Is It That Brings You Here" beginnt der Track, und schon ist man mitten in einer der klassischen Rave-Nummern für alle, die noch wissen, dass House das Fundament ist. Oder es zumindest nach diesem Track wieder wissen, denn obwohl Tejada hier mit ziemlich lässig surrender Acidsequenz reinrauscht, ist das so Detroit und Chicago wie wenige seiner Tracks. Auf der Rückseite zwei weitere sehr charmante Tracks, die den Dancefloor von Anfang bis Ende nicht nur im Griff haben, sondern in ein extrem sweetes Licht verwandeln. Kann er denn nicht mal was falsch machen?"

De:Bug makes me laugh on a regular basis. I'm not sure it's supposed to, but I love it so.

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Fintan?? Is that really you?

Ronan said @ 03/25/2005 12:14 PM EST

do you mean the *belgian* glimmer twins? if i'm not mistaken they are mo & benoelie and played at the ubercool culture club (-> home of 2manydjs et al).

stevienixed said @ 03/24/2005 02:12 PM EST

i loathe the APT setup too (especially the 2nd bar ... WTF is the purpose of that), but Tejada is not to be missed. he's possibly the best minimal techno DJ i've heard. we're working on bringing him back for a subTonic session in the summer.

bryan said @ 03/24/2005 01:48 PM EST

Tejada is a super DJ, wish he'd come to Ireland and play for us! love the blog keep it up. Fintan

Fintan said @ 03/24/2005 11:52 AM EST

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