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03/24/2005: ""

Okay, I take back everything I said about reunions. Tuxedomoon is playing New York next week (with all the original members!) and I'm almost unreasonably excited. There was a time when I would play "New Machine" over and over (from the 1978 No Tears EP); I just thought it was the saddest, saddest music, those brittle beats and spare, grey-toned synth patterns and distant vocals. I was even foolish enough to buy into their later stuff, even though they got all bloated (loads of snoozy "organic" textures, symphonies, jazz-fusiony chops-heavy noodling), but goddamn. Their early synth-driven stuff makes up for all of that.

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i asked about this on ILM, but was wondering if you went, and if so, how was it? said @ 03/31/2005 03:32 PM EST

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