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03/23/2005: ""

Hey check it out, vintage indie rock on The Original Soundtrack! I saw the Slint reunion the other night and I'm sorry to report that they bored me out of my skull, a few spellbinding moments of luminosity aside ("Good Morning, Captain" being one of them). I haven't listened to Spiderland since I was 17, though, which is perhaps telling. Excellent light show--stark, chilly blues and greens shooting like lasers through heavy thickets of fog, plus these weird corkscrew/spiral patterns projected onstage that made me wish I wasn't supremely sober. I felt really unsettled the entire time I was at the show, and then I realized why: no one was moving, not even an inch. Er, well, you can't dance to Slint, but even the rock-ish shows I've been to lately (Animal Collective, Gang Gang Dance, No-Fun-Fest style noize assault) have had some kind of writhing or weird undulations or slam-dancing involved. But Slint: the band was completely immobile, and the audience was transfixed in doe-eyed adoration bordering on total paralysis. I've read varying ecstatic accounts of their reunion shows, and I can only guess that a) the sound wasn't nearly loud and enveloping enough at Irving Plaza that night; b) it was Irving Plaza, and therefore sucks rocks; c) Slint just looked exhausted, drained. Every labored chord change, every intricate Jacob's ladder of a guitar line -- it sounded exactly like the records. I don't mean this as a diss on Slint, necessarily, but more on reunion tours in general. Death to reunion tours! Long live the new flesh!

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is there anyone who ISNT reforming these days? let it lie, people!

gareth said @ 04/14/2005 06:58 AM EST

dissing the reunion trend WHILE referencing videodrome is awesome

Anthony said @ 03/23/2005 09:40 PM EST


Michael Blackson said @ 03/23/2005 07:35 PM EST

I danced to Slint. Well, headbanged mostly, but that's still dancing. Also, Friday and Saturday were two of the loudest shows I've ever attended.

Irving does suck tho. One of the few good shows I've seen there.

hstencil said @ 03/23/2005 02:33 AM EST

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