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03/21/2005: ""

There's something beautiful about watching a dude who is so into his groove that he can't stop spinning records, even though the night ended ages ago and no one's around to hear what the hell he's playing. This brings us to Cabanne's set last night at Subtonic. I heard him two nights in a row, the first time with Daniel Bell and the second time with both Bell and Sammy Dee. Cabanne wasn't as sharp the first night (he'd just come in from France mere hours before his set), but on Saturday he was sounding better than both of his more famous colleagues. He kept it minimal but messy, ably rocking the Perlon school of fun 'n frisky pops and clicks for a very psyched crowd. Cabanne kept going, and going, and going well into the morning, until someone finally told him that the club had closed and that he had to stop. He gave a funny little bow and dropped his last record with a flourish -- Thomas Melchior's 'Feel Sensual' -- while all six of us who were left (the other two DJs, plus a few stragglers) clapped and cheered.

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I enjoyed Cabanne's set on Friday a lot. Even more impressed that he had just arrived in NY!

Will said @ 03/21/2005 08:01 PM EST

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