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02/12/2005: ""

Last night, I finally met up with the wonderful Tim Finney of Skykicking at a funny little wine place in Berlin. A joint that runs on the honor system. Honor system! You pay about a dollar to get a glass, and then you pour your own wine from the bottle of your choosing as many times as you want to throughout the night, and then drop some money in a bowl before you leave. No one's keeping tabs; you just pay whatever you think covers your bill (errr...five bucks?) I hope New York City adopts this trend. Anyway...Tim! A god among men, it must be said. He'd just got in from France, seen Ada the night before in Paris and hadn't slept in 40 hours, but still managed, in true Tim style, to be an amazing conversationalist. We got along great straight off the bat, and pretty soon things turned to music. Tim has this knack for describing exactly how you've always felt about something; dude has a sixth sense about everything. About an hour after we met, we started talking about Tiefschwarz, and all I could say after what he said was "Yes, exactly! That's it!" Being here is mildly disorienting, but in a great it was Tim from Australia, me from the U.S. of A., both of us sitting in a cafe in Germany, eating Belgian waffles and talking about...UK garage!

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online casinos said @ 03/03/2005 11:21 PM EST

I've been to one of those honour system joints in Berlin. I can't remember the name of the place I went to, but I think it was on Kirchestrasse.

All night, I went around telling people "I can't believe this place -- this would never happen in Canada".

Barry said @ 02/15/2005 12:04 AM EST

yay geeta! I met up w. tim in edinburgh and yeah such unrestrained commitment to insight! or: dude's a dude!

coz said @ 02/14/2005 01:55 PM EST

yay! pics please

Paul said @ 02/14/2005 12:21 PM EST

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