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02/10/2005: ""

It was pitch black when I got to Belgium. Landed at 7.30 am. The Brussels airport ain't much to look at, but there are nice things (Belgian chocolate everywhere, for one, and excellent ales...which people were drinking, even in the raw early hours of morning.) Weird: everyone was smoking in the airport! A polite voice over the intercom said "Smoking is perfectly allowed as long as you are in a designated area." As far as I could tell, any part of the airport that wasn't the runway was a designated area.

Brussels was just a stopover; I then hopped on SN Brussels Airlines from Brussels to Berlin. Weird again: the flight attendants were super-nice! They gave us newspapers in five different languages, fruit tarts, coffee, and, of course, Belgian chocolate, all wrapped in adorable yet economical packaging. And aspirin for my pounding head.

Now I'm in Berlin, where it's grey and raining, but not too cold -- warmer than New York. Plans ahead: Kompaktorama featuring Closer Musik (I think), Transmediale party featuring DJ/Rupture, another big to-do featuring DJ T (Get Physical!)...I'm psyched. More reports on the way.

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live the life!

coz said @ 02/12/2005 08:31 AM EST

haha - i think you've passed sherburne on my envymap

blount said @ 02/11/2005 04:12 AM EST


maja said @ 02/10/2005 12:08 PM EST

hey! not so far from where i live: bruges (belgium)!

didn't even realize smoking was allowed in aeroports. weird.

nathalie said @ 02/10/2005 08:46 AM EST

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