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02/04/2005: "traffic cones."

I spent a lot of this week being really frustrated with an article I was writing. Rewrite after rewrite. Deleted sentence after deleted sentence. Every time I got mad, I went to the kitchen and made something, anything--its complexity varied depending on how the piece was going. Sometimes it was something small, like salad, or ginger tea, but eventually I got so annoyed at the article that I ended up making a three-course dinner. When I ran out of things to cook with, I went to the kitchen and crushed cloves of garlic with the side of a big knife, because it's something I know how to do, and I always know how it's going to turn out. Not so with writing. Writing's weird.

In the end, though, it all turned out fine. I not only had a finished piece, but I had an amazing tomato sauce. With plenty of fresh basil. And garlic, of course.

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it's always a battle between organs. eyes, ears, brain, stomach, sometimes lungs, liver, feet. all infighting for attention.

beta said @ 02/08/2005 10:12 AM EST

I do that too - soo much tea when I'm writing, I get the shakes. Does sound Eno-esque, you should keep a swollen appendice about it.

Daphne C. said @ 02/08/2005 01:23 AM EST

Sounds like you came up with your own Oblique Strategy!

very Enoesque, almost like his thing of making two albums simultaneously and skipping between the two whenever you reach a moment of blockage

plus he's well into his cooking, brian!

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