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01/31/2005: "lost in translation."

Reason #4334 why I think Germany is cool: on German MTV, "Pimp My Ride" (the popular car-improvement show on MTV hosted by Xzibit that I must admit I became mildly obsessed with at one point) is "Pimp My Bicycle." Besides being more Kraftwerkesque and environmentally conscious, it's also a lot funnier--the host is a scrawny rapper from Hamburg named Bo who tries somewhat desperately to copy Xzibit's style and sayings. The show's logo is the "Pimp My Ride" logo from America, with "Ride" messily crossed out and "FAHRRAD" ("Bicycle") scribbled underneath it:

The improvements are a little less blingin' than West Coast Custom, but they're pretty awesome: rims, mp3 players and other gadgets attached to handlebars, bike frames repainted and graffiti'd up to have cool orange flames or leopard prints on them, and even exhaust pipes that emit fake smoke.

In related fahrrad-ical news, I'm pleased to announce that the charges against Josh Kinberg, the brains behind Bikes Against Bush, have been officially dropped. (I wrote about Bikes Against Bush here and here.)

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