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01/28/2005: ""

There are a few people out there that I'd love to just sit down and talk about disco and current trends in brain science with. Theo Parrish is one of them. After seeing him spin again tonight (for the sixth time?!) I really wanted to figure out what was running through his head at every given moment, from both the musical and neuroscientific perspectives.

Better, lengthier updates soon...

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congrats mate! Fine job and fine site!

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codeine said @ 02/16/2005 04:07 PM EST

thom just related to me theo would play techno at minus 6 back in the day. feh, i wish i was there.

nathalie said @ 01/30/2005 10:39 AM EST

Theo is the best. One of the top DJs AND producers out there, hands down.

jeff said @ 01/28/2005 10:10 AM EST

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