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01/17/2005: "bangers n mash."

Went to a promising new grime thing on Friday called "Bangers & Mash," thanks of course to a tip from the omniscient B-blog. The DJs didn't play grime the whole night, but over the two hours or so that they did, it was nonstop awesome. And I'm talking grime as in the more entertaining (for me at least) MC stuff, not that frigid Rephlex dubstep stuff. Grime's party music! I mean the beats are wildly unpredictable for dancing to, esp. if you've been listening to as much gliding 4/4 techno and house as I have, but this stuff is so much fun to hear on any kind of system with halfway decent bass that it's hard to not want to move. No one (in New York, at least) knows how to dance to grime, either, which is part of the charm; the usual strategies for moving to what we're used to stateside (hip-hop, drum n bass, etc) don't work with grime at all. The DJs were so overcome by their own DJing that they couldn't stop goofily dancing all around the stage, with these angular, jerky, scissor-like moves--like ninjas with epilepsy or something. I'm crap at IDing tunes and I'm by no means a grime expert ("I am a poseur and I don't care" -- X-Ray Spex), so I could only discern maybe 1 in every 3 tracks from random mp3s I have, plus the totally 'mainstream' stuff (Dizzee, Wiley) and weird stuff like...a bunch of grime MCs over the beat from "Can't Get You Out of My Head"?! I wish they'd find a new venue, though, because Rothko doesn't have a "cabaret license", so the bouncers were reprimanding people (including yrs truly) for daring to move around and have a good time. Rothko's not the best venue for this kind of music anyway; the trad stage setup works way better for rock shows than it does for anything DJ-related. Now to get these DJ dudes to team up with Paul Kennedy and throw a regular grime night in some awesome warehouse in Brooklyn somewhere...well, we can dream, can't we?

Also, Run the Road has been breaking my brain. I can't get over how good it is, and like Jess, I wish I'd heard it before I submitted my Pazz n Jop ballot. In a more perfect, more grimy world, this comp is gonna be ruling the charts stateside when it gets released here in March.

BTW if you search online, you can find the Lethal B Pow!/Fwd riddim ringtone; if you have a cell phone capable of polyphonic ringtone action, go get it. It makes incoming phone calls sound really ominous!

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there's another party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on 1st and 3rd Mondays. Lotta breakcore, electro, what have you...more info at

T.N. Turner said @ 02/01/2005 03:24 PM EST

hey geeta,

Thanks for writing about our party, I appreciate the kind sentiments. I share your reservations about the venue but at this stage it's basically a working with what we've got kind of thing and although they dont have a cabaret license that almost never happens, I've been to many big dance parties there with no problems, it's just if there seems to be an impending raid they have to pre-empt the dancing. On Jan 28th it's us, DJ /Rupture, I-Sound and Mode Raw and should be another great party, if you'd care to post it I'd appreciate it. Also, who is Paul Kennedy? We're always looking for more DJs to work with who can play grime so if you have someone you reccomend feel free to send them our way. Also, the anonymous DJs you described were Shadetek Soundsystem (of Warp, Tigerbeat6, Change Agent infamy) and DropTheLime (Ambush, Tigerbeat6, Broklyn Beats). But thanks for writing about us and glad you enjoyed the music.

And for all those asking: The next grime jumpoffs will be every second friday of the month ie: Feb 11th, Mar 11th. Mar 11th we're organizing to bring through some UK talent, so watch this space.

matt shadetek
epileptic ninja #1!

Matt Shadetek said @ 01/18/2005 12:38 PM EST

guess Chuck Eddy won't be spinning grime as DJ Edelweiss, will he?

beta said @ 01/18/2005 11:32 AM EST

Hey, that Grime night sounds interesting... I'm going to be in New York for a week from Saturday, will I be able to catch it? If so, where?!

Also, have you any other tips for things I should catch while I'm in town?

Mark said @ 01/18/2005 05:12 AM EST

*Run* didn't come out in the UK till Jan '05 so nothing to worry about.

Matos W.K. said @ 01/18/2005 01:24 AM EST

i am dying here. this is like how i missed every drive by when i was living in nyc.

jess said @ 01/17/2005 11:42 PM EST

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