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01/11/2005: ""

I finally saw The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou last week, a movie I'd been looking forward to (commercials that use Devo's 'Gut Feeling'! What's not to love?) and hesitating to see after reading a few mixed reviews. I guess in my mind I wanted it to be perfect, cuz I absolutely adore Wes Anderson, and I didn't want to ruin the movie by actually, you know, seeing it or anything. My verdict: a little too wilfully precious in places, but I liked it alright, in all its idiosyncratic screwball jumbles. I could never fully connect with the Bill Murray character; I think Bill Murray, great as he is, should sit down and re-watch the Emil Jannings/Marlene Dietrich scenes in The Blue Angel to reach optimal sad-clown levels. Some of the running gags in The Life Aquatic reminded me of things my friends and I would dream up in our half-baked adventures making short films in college. In fact, this is an almost verbatim conversation I remember having about six years ago (puts on blue flashback-to-the-past space helmet):

"Right, so after every key scene, we cut to this guy who's playing Bowie covers. I mean, how awesome would that be?"
"Make him play them half-assedly on an acoustic guitar -- that'd be way funnier. And make him sing them in Portuguese!"
"Portuguese! That's fuckin' brilliant! Wait, who here knows Portuguese?"
"We'll just make it up as we go along. He's gotta play 'Rock'n'Roll Suicide' though, or I quit."
"Time takes a...cigarette..."
"Puts it in your mouth..."
"Dude, I never understood what the hell he was singing after that."
"Something about fingers and then another cigarette. Hey, do you have a light?"
"Of course I have a light. 'You're not alone!'"
"You're wonderful."
"Give me your hands."
"Hey, where's the rest of the beer? Did you drink the last can?"
"Um...'You don't drink when you've lived too long'?"
"You bastard!"

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