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Phil Sherburne enthuses about Dominik Eulberg, so I look the dude up on Discogs and it says that he's a national park ranger from Bonn who studies biology and geography?! Now I have this strange idea of Bonn as being this place where all the park rangers make electronic music. If this is really the case, I am moving there immediately.

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Dominik Eulberg, translated from an interview in Outsoon:

"Of course, I am very close to the German scene, I have very good friends who work at Kompakt and others still like Gabriel Ananda. The only great difference that I have with other artists of the electronic scene it is that I am large in love with nature and that this passion does not dry up. I thus study ecology and ornithology in Bonn."

Jay said @ 01/07/2005 04:24 PM EST

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