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12/29/2004: "2004 part 2."

So many people have so amply covered the music I liked in 2004 in their recaps, not least among them Jess, Matos, Simon, Jon Dale, Scott Somedisco, Philip, and Mark K-Punk--so I'm gonna try a different tack. For part 1 of the year-end wrap-up, I'm listing the live gigs that I had the good fortune to attend. I'll call this list "Top 15 Electronic/Dance Events of the Year" cuz the Grammys (always, uh, forward-thinking, those Grammys) are including an "Electronic/Dance" category this year for the first time and I thought it was a hilarious and entirely meaningless title.


I didn't go to Mutek or Sonar, so I can't weigh in on those, but looking at this list, I'm feelin' pretty damn lucky.

1. Kompakt 100 Festival feat. Triple R, Michael Mayer, Alter Ego, DJ Koze, Superpitcher, Reinhard Voigt, The Orb, Tobias Thomas (Tanzbrunnen, Cologne)

Voigt and Mayer kicking ass on the decks at around 6 am

Those Germans know how to throw a goddamn party. Here's hoping there will be a Kompakt 200 festival!

2. Ivan Smagghe, Ricardo Villalobos, Magda, and Richie Hawtin (Fabric, London)

World-famous DJs Tracer Hand and Geeta get ready to rock the house at Fabric

The English know how to throw a goddamn party, too. Here's hoping I get to go back to Fabric.

3. Kompakt vs. Rephlex feat. Miss Kittin, Michael Mayer, Superpitcher, Mark One, Plasticman, Soundmurderer (Volume, NYC)

Kompakt coat of arms at the offices in Cologne

Brooklyn knew how to throw a goddamn party--and then Volume closed. God, I really miss that place. It's amusing to me that Volume has already entered into some sort of urban legend status, so I've been gilding the lily a little when I tell my stories. 'Oh yeah, there was a spaceship in the main room! A real one! The second room had little green aliens in it!'

4. Payback - a benefit for DB organized by Jason Jinx feat. DB, Josh Wink, Scott Hardkiss, AK1200, DJ Dara, etc (Avalon, NYC)

5. Vitalic (Tribeca Grand, NYC)

Vitalic programs his home computer, beams himself into the future

6. DJ Ripley (Volume, NYC)

Video projection on the wall at the late Volume--freak out!

7. Superpitcher and Ada (Ikon, NYC)

Marcel Duchamp would have approved

8. Areal Records Party feat. Ada and Wighnomy Bros. (Kunstwerk, Cologne)

The sun setting over Cologne. Looks like the cover of a 'Pure Moods' CD doesn't it

I wish I had photos of the venue, but I forgot to bring my camera that night. The interior of Kunstwerk is all rough and concrete; it felt like being in some kind of underground bunker. They had a bunch of grainy super8 films flickering on the walls in addition to the usual digital video stuff, which I thought was awesome. This was where I heard Ada's cover of 'Maps' for the first time, which I talk about a little here (scroll down). The atmosphere--very vibey, as Simon R would say.

9. Theo Parrish monthly residency (APT, NYC)

So APT ain't the most ideal venue, but the setup of the bar ensures you're always within the line of sight of the DJ booth, which means you can stare at Theo--who is adorable--while he spins heavy, gorgeous soul, funk, disco, techno. Always revelatory, never predictable.

10. LCD Soundsystem and 2ManyDJs (Maria, Berlin)

I don't have any pictures, so here's a photo of a random train stop instead

11. NASA Rewind 'Old Skool Rave' feat. DB, Moby, Frankie Bones, Keoki, Scott Henry, etc (Arc, NYC)

12. Derrick May (PS 1 and Volume, tie, NYC)

If you add up his sets from Volume and PS 1 you get one really excellent set. Volume was too hard, toolsy, and dry for my tastes before getting good at around 4 or 5 am, while PS 1 was more back-to-back feel-good anthems instead of anything particularly surprising. Who doesn't want to dance to 'You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)' outside with a thousand people on a beautiful summer day, though? No one, that's who!

13. Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin (children's park on the edge of the Rhine, Cologne)

Ronan feels the voibe in the park while Villalobos DJs

14. DJ Clever (Orchard Bar, NYC)

I haven't seen this many people have honest-to-god fun dancing to new drum'n'bass for a long time. I forget the names of other DJs but I'd list 'em here if I knew.

15. Derek Plaslaiko and Mike Servito (The Delancey, NYC)

Both times I've seen 'em they've been great, but this time was killer--a ridiculous set of hard, gooey, and utterly deranged acid. Rising stars of the Ghostly label--and my favorite DJs on that label.

Honorable mentions: Sammy Dee (Filter 14, NYC), Luomo (Volume, NYC), Dan Selzer and Mike Simonetti (Centro-Fly, NYC). Note that all three of those venues listed are now closed for good.

Best New DJ Nights: Wild Flex Paul Kennedy weekly at Orchard Bar, Alldisco feat. Dan Selzer, John Selway, and Ulysses

Part 2: my top 10 albums of the year, and top rock concerts of the year, coming soon.

Replies: 8 Comments

hi geeta,
your site's mighty addictive. I searched all over nyc (I was there over xmas break) for the kompakt 100 comp (since you've raved about the label many a time on here) but it was nowhere to be found. probably have better luck finding it here in austria! I'm glad to see fellow brown folk so into electronic sounds! nice.

shree said @ 01/10/2005 11:43 AM EST

I posted this once and it vanished

anyway thanks for the props. On re-reading, hee, I played with Ada in Graz this summer, and in Vienna.

I like your smiley, sparkly picture..

Happy New Year!

Hopefully in the spring I'll come back and rock it in NYC again. Sorry you can't make the show I'm playing in Oakland this saturday, it looks to be proper - a couple of kick-ass local grime djs on the bill as well. Anyway keep the faith.

ripley said @ 01/06/2005 08:39 PM EST

Hey G

Happy New Year!

and the pic of you is super smiley and sparkly.. very nice.

thanks for the good words! I wish you could come to the cool party I'm playing at on Saturday. But I'll come visit in NY in the springtime and hopefully play a set or 2..

Check my blog for links to new mixes and such as they come up.

and check out Drop The Lime and Shadetek's new monthly at Rothko, Jan 14th is the first night..

ripley said @ 01/06/2005 07:32 PM EST

Well, everyone else googled their name, so ill admit I did it as well! ;)

Thanks for the props! Mike sends his regards as well.

Got a few more Untitled parties in the works, most likely scattered about every 3 months in different locations each time. Will be sure to fill you in on the details!

Until then, keep up the good stuff on the blog! Lots of great content!!

Bring on 2005!!!


Derek Plaslaiko said @ 01/04/2005 09:51 AM EST

DJ Clever @ Orchard Bar was an event I did, and it was called FORTIFIED. September 17th was the day, and it was a doosey. The Other DJs were Jonathan Butler (broken beat), Ezekiel Honig (Live laptop set of minimal house...check and Chris Inperspective from UKs Inperspective Records.

Glad you came and enjoyed - and happy new year!

Jesse Stevens said @ 01/03/2005 02:47 PM EST

happy new year and thanks for the props. just want to mention that Selway and Ulysses were our 3rd guests at alldisco and that the main residents are my pals Jeremy and Rob with me helping out. Jeremy's put together the website at and we've got some fun guest djs planned, for anyone reading this. Later...

dan selzer said @ 01/03/2005 01:48 PM EST

wow geeta you look fabulous! obv been working out on the dancefloor ;-) happy new year!

matt woebot said @ 01/01/2005 09:52 AM EST

enjoying it so far -- all the best for '05.

julio said @ 12/30/2004 06:23 AM EST

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