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12/24/2004: ""

Just saw that Simon had mentioned something I'd said on Blissblog, and I thought I'd chime in, even though I'm by the pool (the hotel I'm staying at is equipped with wireless, so I'm able to hook in from time to time.) I don't really think "no breakbeats, no Lycra" applies (funnily enough, I had been re-reading Energy Flash on the beach yesterday!) No breakbeats, all Lycra, maybe! Mayer really liked that early '90s ardkore stuff, really liked rave, etc. As far as I understood, his aversion to breakbeats came later, with drum'n'bass and drill'n'bass and all that. He explained it was cuz he didn't feel like drum'n'bass (esp. in its later incarnations) was physical and sexy enough; he prefers his bpms slower and swoonier and, well, a little bit girlier. I remember said something like "talking about drum'n'bass is like talking about football." I wish Mayer and DJ Clever would hang out, so Mayer could see how lush'n'pretty d'n'b could still be. I'd write more 'cept this interview I did is gonna get published real soon in the Seattle Weekly. . . and I have to get back to swimming!

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