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12/24/2004: "merry christmas."

I walked by this when I was in London. It's a mannequin (no it's not) (yeah it is)

Happy holidays, everybody, and thanks for reading. I'm in Miami for a few days, chilling out for Christmas. There's something kind of awesome and disturbing about seeing all this gaudy neon and pastel Art Deco in December. The rows of palm trees are wrapped in blinking Xmas lights. Someone within earshot is karaoke'ing to Celine Dion. The glittering freeways and highways have perfect curves and on-off ramps that stack on top of each other like something outta Metropolis.

Today I spent all day on South Beach, which was nearly empty (the sky was overcast, it was a little windy, and the water was a little cold. But it was 73 degrees out! 73 DEGREES!!) I ran sprints through the white sand and watched seafoam-green water swirl around my feet while bugging out to a watery mix I made that's gamelan music plus Liquid Liquid-"Bellhead", Ricardo Villalobos - "Miami" (haha!), and Boredoms-"Seadrum." Then I watched the sun set over the ocean while listening to Arthur Russell. Then did shots of ouzo in a place that was blasting maddeningly mashed-up, dirty, and hysterically gleeful Greek disco that I theorized was possibly the Greeks' answer record to that Rio Baile Funk comp that came out earlier this year.

(plea to any writers out there--if anyone with a copy of the new To Live and Shave in LA album could get in touch with me, I'm having a mini aaah-where-is-it-I-have-to-write-about-it crisis...i will return the favor.)

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