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12/21/2004: "all of my heart (all of my cash)"

Still the best cover art ever!

I just put down cash money for the new "deluxe edition" of ABC's The Lexicon of Love, an album I already own on vinyl and on CD. I'm a sucker for reissues, and their ever-so-seductive promises of slightly improved sound and never-before-seen demos and outtakes and fancier packaging. I'll probably put down some serious coin for all the Can reissues even though I already have the originals, too; I totally buy into that whole remastering scam. Really, buying Lexicon of Love for the third time is lame, even for me. But sometimes I go record shopping and I think, shit, I should just buy this again, because I know it's perfect, and then I feel old. I mean, what if the vinyl copy got scratched, or I wasn't able to find the CD all of a sudden? Then I would need the reissue! In my darkest moments, I sometimes think that if my wobbly stacks of CDs and teetering shelves suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke, and were all magically replaced with a thousand copies of Lexicon of Love, I wouldn't be that sad. I like what Stephen Trousse wrote in his review in this month's Uncut: "Some might consider a fourth incarnation since 1982 a little excessive, but, really, The Lexicon of Love is a record that should be reissued every year--subtly remade and remodelled to chime ever more sweetly with the temper and timbre of the times." If it gets reissued again next year, with promises that the string sections will be 1% smoother, or that the vocals will be 0.5% more hammy and passionate, I'll most likely buy it again. For the fourth time.

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goddamn, now i have to buy those!

Joris said @ 12/23/2004 04:35 AM EST

i'm gonna buy them tomorrow!! the previous can CDs always sounded like shit, i know, but the vinyl sounded pretty great, i thought. if it sounds like those (or gasp...BETTER!) i am so down. christmas present to myself!

geeta said @ 12/21/2004 04:48 PM EST

the Can reissues sound a hundred times better than the previous CDs, for real.

Matos W.K. said @ 12/21/2004 04:40 PM EST

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