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12/14/2004: "my mind secedes."

Many thanks to Mission of Burma and the PIXIES, who rocked Hammerstein mercilessly last night and made 99% of the world's rock bands look like a goddamn joke in the process. More on this later when I've come to my senses, but seeing Kim Deal and Black Francis/Frank Black smile at and hug each other so genuinely made me think that every friendship, no matter how fraught, would heal eventually. (Prediction for 2005: Morrissey and Marr make out! Smiths reunion!) Anyway, this was all was nanoseconds before the blistering "Debaser" encore, which made everything right with the world, if only for three minutes. No thanks to Hammerstein security (fucking fascists!) who messed with my digital camera, meaning that I can't take pretty pictures for you for the time being without spending a fair bit of dough.

Full report upcoming.

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