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11/04/2004: ""

After a day or two spent wallowing in crushing defeat, all I can think now is how to possibly move forward. How to lessen the blow of four more years of hideous right-wing leadership. Now is the time to renew that ACLU membership. Start actively supporting activist groups fighting to protect civil liberties, the environment, human rights, and anything else that is good and important. Of course, music (and music writing) seems irrelevant now, but it's important to not lose sight of art and love and culture in times like these, especially with a lawless presidency hellbent on fear, hate and destruction.

I watered my plants, started working on my first album (see here for details on the NaSoAlMo project), and thought about how much more cool and hardcore it was to grow things instead of obliterating them. Here's my review of David Toop's Haunted Weather: Music, Silence, and Memory, a story that begins and ends in a Japanese garden.

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and maybe u cld even use your blog as a political/social tool as post info and resources regarding things other than music...know what i mean?

but dont get too down...up and at em again!

Rob said @ 11/08/2004 08:23 PM EST


Anthony said @ 11/05/2004 12:59 PM EST


Michael Daddino said @ 11/05/2004 07:45 AM EST

Heh. I *just* volunteered for via e-mail. I even touched upon my rockcrit abilities.

Fuck it. I want America to know just who they're fucking with.

Michael Daddino said @ 11/05/2004 06:59 AM EST

email me

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