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10/20/2004: ""

Man, Flipper really was the best band ever. Currently listening to the 1983 live album Blow'n Chunks after a long time, and it's amazing how they drag everything down with them into their sludgy, nihilistic churn. Sometimes I think the reason I like Wolf Eyes so much is because they're like a modern-day Flipper for nouveau noizeheads, sans the sardonic humor that makes me love Flipper so much (Wolf Eyes would never do a song called "Ice Cold Beer") and the truly scary staring-into-the-abyss-and-not-even-blinking attitude of prime Flipper. Wolf Eyes are doe-eyed flower-toting hippies in comparison. Optimistic even. Right, well, I like Wolf Eyes and all but Flipper still rules OK! Dave Q where you at, dude?

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In Berlin, the stairs to the U-Bahn have advertisements--maybe you've seen them--and one time, I saw one for a radio station that was the lyrics to "Sex Bomb."

Otis said @ 10/25/2004 07:48 PM EST

their glory definitely faded, though..saw em live here in Toronto around the time of the American Grafishy tour...flashes of brilliance, but they left people feeling a lil sad for em by the end of the night

you are right, though...when they were on, there was nobody more on :)

Rob said @ 10/20/2004 10:01 PM EST

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