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10/07/2004: ""

Just got the new Ricardo Villalobos album and I can't stop listening to it; it's super-strange and oddly engrossing. At first I thought my in-ear headphones were distorted, but it was just weird psychedelic effects in the music. Lots of pitch-bending and speed-ups and downs. Weird breakdowns with...strings? Harps? What's that sound? I saw Villalobos play this summer in Cologne with Richie Hawtin, but my buddy Tobias (start a blog already, Tobias!) says that the real way to experience Villalobos is to see him play these marathon events in Berlin that go far, far, far into the morning. The guy is barely there while DJing his heart out, somehow able to stay in control of mixing &c. but so totally absorbed in the music (and whatever he's on, I'm guessing) that he seems utterly, completely crazed. His look is scruffier than the average slick-bald-head DJ, too; wavy dark longish hair, six-day-old beard, and these intense, sort of wolfish eyes. Really one of the most interesting characters living in Germany right now, I think.

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