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08/14/2004: ""

Also I gotta say: this Wiley interview in the Independent that everyone's got their panties in a twist about (the one with the "worrying" "I'd love to work with Alanis" quote) is really, really funny. To wit:

"While Dizzee's poetic prowess has seen him likened to Tupac Shakur, Wiley has been labelled a businessman in the style of P Diddy. His plans for world domination include launching Eski Boy, Eski Girl and Roll Deep clothing-ranges, owning properties, becoming a millionaire, making a film of his life (which will include the towels-on-the-floor scene), doing TV ads and, even more off-the-wall, inventing an alcoholic drink. "I want to get everyone drunk," he reasons."

Go Wiley!! The last line kills me.

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